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"Gareth has been practicing for days and is still about 25 years away from being ready to play guitar. Any guitar. In fact he's been banned from ever picking one up again!"

Hahaha we still love you even when you can't play the guitar GDL. But sad that Clarky is gone now, I liked him a lot.

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I didn't write much in the last month. I had a lot to do, but last week something happend to me and I try to be write a bit more.

I had a minor stroke last week (or a disfunction of the nervous system, but the doctors seems to go for the minor stroke), I'm only 22 years old. And it was a bit shocking for me. I mean you don't really think that you have a stroke when you aren't older than 50 (my uncle had a stroke in his mid-fifties). I hope writing will help me to relax a little bit.

I just need ideas. Hopefully my english doesn't get worse because of that >_<.

Stay tuned.


So long and I didn't write anything. Shame on me. SHAME JUNI SHAME! *sits in a corner*
Had a lot to do the last weeks, did my graduation and now I am moving 800 km away. So yes, stress stress double stress.

But I read a lot of fanfictions and sometimes I even leave a comment, bad me, more shame for me! Yay?

And on (a horrible place where you can read so good stuff or really bad stuff, it's like russian roulette!) one thought occured to me.
Here I quote it for you.
"My version of Torchwood, after the season one episode "They Keep Killing
Suzie". Rated T for language and suggested themes. Completely OOC and
AU. Jack/Gwen"

It has to be completly OOC so that Gwack can happen. When it says Gwack it has to be OOC. And mostly AU. Maybe them can tweak it so it can happen, because at one point you have to change Torchwood, so it probably turn AU. (It is AU when you write Andy joined instead of Gwen, so when Jack and Gwen get together you have to write of Ianto, so it turns AU.)

And why the heck something like that occured to me now? D:

3 Stories

Title: 2 a.m

Author: CaptainJuniper

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Raiting: G

Genre: Humour

Summary: „No…really NO!“

Author note: The prompt was from 69promts site on livejournal here. And…I agree with Jack.



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Title: Pillow

Author: CaptainJuniper

Raiting: G

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Myfanwy

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Genre: Fluffy-di-fluff

Summary: Sometimes you just need a pillow and a roof….oh and a pterodactyl.

Author note: Yes…I am Janto fangirl…so what? And I am hugging my little black skull pillow right now!

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Title: Google

Author: CaptainJuniper

Raiting: PG

Characters: Ianto, Gwen, mentioned Jack

Parings: None but Ianto/Gwen friendship

Summary: “Google our new best friend.”

Author note: Even when I am not a Gwen fan, sometimes I like her and I think Ianto and Gwen would be awesome as friend, like Tosh and Gwen…and Tosh and Ianto…and Owen and Ianto. But most of the time thiw woman is bloofy annoying. >_<




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Title: Judas

Author: CaptainJuniper

Raiting: M?

Characters:Team, OC

Summary: “I fancy myself more as Judas”, he said in a cool voice.

Author note: What the Hell did I think to write something so crappy? I go now and hide myself under a rock. As usual don’t have a Beta…so all mistakes are mine. If somebody finds some let me now. :) And I am sorry.




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Oh yes. Meet on Saturday such good-looking and nice guys from Vancouver. In Berlin you met the intresting people in the S-Bahn (Urban Train)
It was around 3 o'clock a.m. My friends and I came from clubbing. I arrived with the dawn at home xD.

They said, they love german beer (who does not?) and he want to live here. And he hates that in Vancouver the trains stop at midnight, so you can't go out and drink because you have to drive home. They were funny, even told us proud the few german sentences they could speak.

And I have an idea for a fanfiction. Torchwood in Moulin Rogue style. I think Ianto would be Satine and Jack Christian, Gwen would be the Duke, Owen Touluse, the Doctor is Ziegler...but I don't know about Tosh...any ideas?

But tomorrow my biology exam D: I am f*cking scared.

bye fooooolks :D
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To day I have a sleepover with my friend! :D We eat sickingly sweet things, watch movies and maybe I will have a new idea for a fanfic!
My firts fanfic Ketchup also pop up in my mind, when I was trying to sleep in the master bedroom with my grandmother and my sister (we visited her, and her flat does not have guest rooms). And I am saying trying because both snore so loud! D:

So maybe I have a new idea! :D

The wrong colour

Title: The wrong Colour

Author: CaptainJuniper

Raiting: PG

Genre: Angst(?I don’t know, really), Slight GwenBashing

Characters: Jack, Gwen (mentioned: Ianto)

Spoliers: The Year that never was, TW Season 1 and 2

Disclaimer: I own nothing, really! No Money :(

Authors Note: Second Fic, and I take the promt:  green from tw_dw_slashfest</b></a></span> . Let me hear what you think. No beta :( And how do you do Fake Cuts? You know, the one where you link from your main site to the fanfiction, so that it isn't shown whole? A step by step introduction would help me...really :(



Summary: It’s the wrong colour, he knows it, sad that it needed so much time to acknowledge it.



That’s wrong!

And that was a thought Jack Harkness never knew he would have one day. He was Captain Jack Harkness! Immortal Hero! But he looked at her, looked into her green eyes and knew that this is the last thing he wants.

Green is the wrong colour! Blue is the new green, beautiful blue, like a sky on a warm summer day or like the sea after a storm. But green is just wrong. It’s the colour of life, of youth but also the colour of envy and jealousy. And it’s not the colour he wants anymore. He shoved her ungently away, and her green eyes looked hurt and accusing. It is the right decision!

“Gwen, look, maybe I was attracted to you, but this is gone. It’s gone a long time! “

“Jack! You kissed me!”

“No. You kissed me, don’t turn that on me! You have a fiancé at home, he is waiting…”

“I can…”

“Don’t you dare! Don’t say it! I don’t want to hear it Gwen Cooper. This is wrong and don’t want that!”

“But why, Jack? I thought you lov…”

“Love you?”, interrupted Jack her, “oh no! I was infatuated with you, I liked you. But I never loved you. I would shag you and then leave.”

“Why?” Gwen was close to tears, but Jack didn’t care for tears spilled from these eyes.

“You have the wrong eye colour.”

With this words Jack leaved her alone in the dark damp tunnels of Torchwood's  Hub. There was only one colour he want to see when he open his eyes and that was blue.

“Coffee, Sir?”

Oh, yes, that was the right colour.

And Jack Harkness smiled.